Innovative & Versatile treatment for localized fat, cellulite & anti-aging.



Phat Freeze Rx offers the most innovative technology, using a combination of targeted cryotherapy and duo-thermal delivery, to help you lose inches, eliminate unwanted fat cells, reduce cellulite/double chin, tone sagging/crepey skin, reverse aging AND even offers pain treatments with no downtime, no pain, fast results at affordable prices. We also offer weight and fitness DNA testing along with full nutritional assessments and work with each individual to create a customized solution so you can look and feel your best!

We know there is not a one size fits all for health, fitness and body goals which is why everything we do is customized for you. We believe in achieving beauty and health from the inside out and can help you look and feel your best. Give us a call today to schedule your free assessment


Features Overview

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Fat Freezing

Simple, quick, safe and effective way to eliminate those unwanted areas of fat that diet and exercise just can’t seem to get.  Whether it is to feel comfortable in those skinny jeans, that little black dress or wanting to see quick results to jump start you on that path to losing a lot of excess fat, our innovative technology will help you achieve those desired results.  Our non-surgical fat reduction uses targeted cryotherapy and duo-thermal delivery techniques under the supervision of our highly skilled technicians. This technology allows us to naturally destroy the fat cells without pain, anesthesia, surgery or other invasive techniques requiring now down time or causing any damage to the skin.  Fat cells are naturally crystallized and eliminated through the lymphatic system so they will not migrate to another area of the body. Procedures must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks apart to allow time for this elimination process. These treatments are ideal to treat stomach, love handles, around the bra line, double chin, under arms, and inner or outer thighs.  For those that have a lot of excess weight to lose, our technicians will discuss proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle for you to achieve optimal results.


Simple, quick, safe and effective techniques to tighten and tone saggy or crepey skin with no pain, no surgery, anesthesia or down time. The aging process can leave some feeling uncomfortable on those short sleeve summer days, or maybe you’re struggling with loose tummy skin from having a baby, years of yo-yo dieting or excess weight gain and weight loss.  Using innovative targeted cryotherapy technology to stimulate production of collagen and elastin to tighten and tone skin will prevent invasive and costly treatments to help you gain back your comfort and confidence. Results are immediate but will continue to improve for 1-5 days post treatment. Ideal for face, neck, decolette, under arms, inner thighs, around the knees and lower stomach.  These procedures can be done as often as twice per week until desired results are achieved and due to the ongoing natural aging process, we recommend monthly maintenance. (packages available)



Cellulite Treatment:

There are different stages of cellulite, but once the body reaches stage 4, it not only causes unhappiness with appearance, but it can also cause discomfort.  A lot of the issues surrounding cellulite stem from water retention in the fat cells which are surrounded by collagen, elastin fibers and fascia (connective tissue).  When the cells become enlarged the accumulation of fluids then causes an increase in the number of connective cells, a hardening of the tissue and ultimately nodule formations will become visible on the skin and sometimes painful to the touch.  Although this is more common in women, some men are affected as well and diet, exercise and being thin does not exclude some from the struggles of cellulite. Using the most innovative technology on the market today, we are able to break down the water retention and hardening of the affected tissue, release the water retention at a cellular level, and allow the lymphatic system to once again start flowing properly ultimately smoothing out the appearance of nodular skin.  The number of treatments will vary depending on the severity and stage of the cellulite but the freedom to once again wear shorts or a bathing suit without undergoing a surgical procedure, no downtime, anesthesia or painful procedure is well worth it.

Pain Treatments:


Inflammation can cause pain and restricted mobility almost anywhere in the body.  Whether it is from an injury, arthritis, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, chronic disease, or a host of other ailments, the traditional methods of treatment are generally to consume unhealthy anti-inflammatory medications or surface heating and/or icing.  Our innovative technology, using a combination of targeted cryotherapy and duo-thermal delivery in quick increments of heat and cold gives instant relief for many. Although results will vary for each individual, we have monthly maintenance plans available for those who need it.  Whether it is joint pain, back pain, elbows, wrists, feet, etc., our pain treatments are affordable and safe for anyone. Our highly trained technicians are available for a free assessment and may also recommend dietary and nutritional options, customized to you, to assist in your long term goals.